Rehabilation & Revision Of Power Plants

Because of the following reasons; an output decrease can be experienced in a power plant. A well-engineered based planned rehabilitations & revisions can be carried out by Proman Engineering Services:

  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Poor Quality Management
  • Decreasing Equipment life time
  • New introduced high performance equipment

A detailed feasibility report can be prepared for the owner of the power plant hence an owner can easily foresee future profit and recovery time if he/she decides to spend a rehabilitation & revision budget. Feasibility report shows a clear foreseen budget that a necessary rehabilitation process that will increase net power output of the power plant. This report includes:

  • New Auxiliary Equipment installation details and its budget
  • New Piping installation details and its budget
  • New Prime mover (diesel engine & alternator) installation details and its budget
  • Major Overhauls and their spare parts budgets

Sometimes a small scope of rehabilitation works such as increasing cooling capacity of the system or increasing fuel & lube oil quality by renewing fuel & lube oil system can provide a precious output increase of the power plant. Proman Engineering Services can prepare a rehabilitation plan including all necessary details that an owner predict budget, time of rehabilitation work and investment recovery period. Rehabilitation & Revision plans are prepared by experienced 9 chief engineers, and necessary financial budget is calculated by purchasing department of Proman Engineering Services.

Major Overhauls of prime movers that are planned during rehabilitation work includes following items:

  • Cylinder Head Maintenance
  • Piston Maintenance
  • Crank Pin Bearing Renewing & Inspection
  • Main Bearing Renewing & Inspection
  • Gear Drive including Attached Pumps Maintenance
  • Crankshaft Renewing
  • Fuel Pump Maintenance
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic System Maintenance
  • Alternator Bearing Renewing
  • Alternator Stator-Rotor & Winding Maintenance
  • Engine Performance Evaluation

Maintenance team of Proman Engineering Services are capable and well experienced for the following 4 stroke engine types:

  • MAN 21/31 series
  • MAN 32/40 Series
  • MAC M43 series
  • SULZER ZAL Series
  • CAT C32 Series
  • WARTSILA V46 Series
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