O&M (Operation & Management) Of Power Plants

As soon as commissioning period completed, the most important part of power plant is continuous power output, hence operation & management of a running power plant must be Reliable & Sustainable in terms of power output for a planned time. Operation & Management is a multi-disciplinary field consist

  • Engineering
  • Trouble finding
  • Taking corrective actions
  • Taking preventive actions
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting

All above items are based on experience, knowledge, know-how and also embracing the power plant output under disciplined and enthusiasm. Proman Engineering Services can handle operation and management of power plants on behalf of its customer as contract based for specific period of time. Proman Engineering Services first determines an organization chart which is shared with customer and includes all below details:

  • For midrange Technical Employees: Number of employees, duty definition of each employee, basic salaries
  • For Engineer Team: Number of engineers, duty definition of each employee, basic salaries 
  • For Managers: An assistant Plant Manager and Plant Manager are employed on the 6 top of organization chart who are directly responsible for the continuous power output of the Plant.

Because of this transparent organization chart that is shared with owner, owner can easily evaluate the management expenses and make a future profit predictions. Management contracts includes:

  • Monthly guaranteed power output as kwh
  • Bonus payment in order to achieve monthly output commitments
  • Limited fines that is going to be pay-off from monthly deserve in case of less kWh power output than the committed.

So the not only Proman Engineering Services but also owner of the power plant can make profit according to the win-win principle.

Another advantage of signing an O&M contract with Proman Engineering Servicesis that an owner or representative of the owner can get a detailed, graphic based, clear and understandable reports monthly. Monthly reports includes following items:

  • Power out-put performance evaluations
  • Reasons of power output decreases
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