Commisoning Of Power Plants

As soon as construction period completed Proman Engineering Services can send a commissioning team to the plant in order to prepare the engines for initial start if required by the owner of plant. Commissioning team members are well skilled and very experienced for trouble shooting recovery during initial starts. Following works are under scope of commissioning team of Proman Engineering Services:

  • Lube Oil transfers and lube filling to the engine
  • Cooling water filling to the engine
  • Cooling Water additives (antifreeze & inhibitor dosage) ) filling to the engine
  • Starting HFO Separator(s) & Filling up the Service Tanks
  • Starting Lube Oil Separator(s) and heating up the lube oil
  • Starting Booster Modules
  • Starting Compressed Air System
  • Starting Automatic lube Oil Filters
  • Starting Automatic Fuel Oil Filters
  • Alignment check of engines
  • Turning the Engine by using turning gear
  • Crankshaft Deflection Measurement
  • Engine Initial Start according to the Engine Manufacturer procedures 12
  • Checking all moving parts after initial start
  • Carrying out all safety & shut-downs tests
  • Carrying out performance test and evaluation according to test results
  • Preparing a detailed Commissioning Report
  • Handing over the prime movers and all auxiliary equipment to the operation team of Power Plant

A commissioning team member can stay at power plant during first month of the operation as a guarantee engineer of Proman Engineering Services.

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