Epc (Engineering Procurement And Construction) Of Power Plants

Medium Scale Power Plants using HFO & Natural Gas up to 100 MW installed capacity is an expertise of Proman Engineering Services. All three different phases of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction ) Proman Engineering Services is a reliable engineering partner for the investors hence all the steps of the project needs to be evaluate and planned by experienced and capable engineers who are familiar with same scale projects on their previous references. Proman Engineering Services guarantees to apply previous knowledge and know-how experiences for a future project. Quality, reasonable price and transparency are the key words for Proman Engineering Services members for each project held. 


A detailed feasibility report is prepared for the investors with a very reduced unknown margin. Unpredictable margins such as spare part budgets or fuel source costs are presented as worst, best and average scenarios in order to monitories investors’ future profit expectations. Pay-back time of investment can be seen clearly after Investment Report of 2 Proman Energy. Reports are “result oriented” for decision makers whether the Project is started or not. Engineering phase of EPC process starts with feasibility report and continues with preparing of following documents:

  • Piping Lay out drawings,
  • Isometric drawings of pipe lines,
  • Equipment arrangement plans 
  • Production & assembling drawings,
  • P&IDs  Process Flow Diagrams
  • System Description Documents
  • Functional Description Documents
  • Pipe& Equipment specifications
  • 3D Modelling

All above engineering steps of EPC is carried out detailed and shared with investor’s representative


Procurement can be carried out carefully on behalf of investor / project owner with its finance. During procurement phase several equipment options are prepared to report owner of the project and in this report following criteria are sorted:

  • Price-performance evaluation of different equipment options
  • Later-on maintenance period comparison of different equipment options
  • Later-on maintenance price comparison of different equipment options
  • Later-on spare part expenses’ comparison of different equipment options
  • Comparison of delivery time in terms of equipment and spare parts

According to a transparent report that an owner can see future necessity obligations for his/her project. Proman Engineering Services can guide the owner of project and all advantages and disadvantages can clearly be seen by the owner of the project. So an owner can easily see not only initial cost of different equipment options but also future must costs of the different equipment options.

During the procurement phase of EPC process a technical purchasing engineer and an assistant responsible for logistics and customs procedures of all equipment are employed for each individual project. 


During procurement phase of EPC, all the piping, welding, assembling processes are controlled by both quality control technicians and site engineers of Proman Engineering Services. By this method many of the predictable and foreseeable defects, probable 4 operation failures and maintenance difficulties can be prevent. As seen most of the medium scale power plants, operators may have plenty of claims during after delivering power plant by EPC companies when the plant put in service. To minimize the operator and maintenance team claims of power plant Engineers and technicians Proman Engineering Services prepare and apply simulations of Plant Operation in terms of operation & maintenance hence most of the after works and short-term revisions can be eliminated during construction phase of the power plant. Proman Engineering Services guarantees assigning at least one experienced operation and maintenance engineer/technician during site construction in order to utilize his/her experience. Otherwise construction engineers and technicians can focus only their core duties and may omit some of the necessary construction & arrangement details. Either supervising service can be given or directly turn-key mechanical installation can be done by Proman Engineering Services for the supplied equipment during installation. Mechanical installation of following items can be carried out by Proman Staff:

  • Installation of Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Installation of Skid groups such as booster modules, separator modules, automatic
  • Fuel filter modules and Heat Exchanger modules
  • Installation of electrical panels
  • Installation of funnels, chimney
  • Installation of large scale tanks
  • Installation of pipes and equipment
  • Installation of Diesel Generator Sets including alternators
  • Installation of Gas Engines
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